Rachel Yang headshot (round)

If you found this site, you are either an employer, a really loyal friend, or my mom. Welcome to Calculated Wandering! I use this site primarily to update my Travel Blog, a personal project I am proud of. If you’re an employer, LinkedIn is your best bet for the “professional” side of me. Otherwise, stick around here a candid (#nofilter) view of my personal experiences!

About Me

My name is Rachel Yang and I’m a recent BCom grad (Marketing & Finance) at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. I’m always looking to cure my travel & culture bugs, with previous adventures including Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US… with more to come!

Me: family, giraffes, tea lattes, learning new languages & about different cultures, watching documentaries, playing volleyball, frisbee & exercising, too many extracurricular involvements, reading books on business strategy and National Geographic.

Behind the Name

This blog is called “Calculated Wandering…” because I try to maintain a balance of exploring & planning in my life. For me, success and happiness stems from a) having an open mind and identifying unique opportunities that arise and b) keeping myself grounded and focused while I chisel away at my path and discover my strengths, skills and passions. I wander… in a calculated fashion 🙂

All photos on this blog are my own unless otherwise noted.

I am proud of my past experiences, developed skills and adaptability. If you’d like to see my CV, please contact me.


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